E-invoices save time and help protect the environment

Does mail keep piling up in your home? Why not order eco-friendly e-invoices directly from the Internet banking service! This will help save paper and help you keep your invoices in order. You can access them at any time and pay them online whenever is convenient for you – without having to type in long reference numbers.

A better invoice
E-invoice is a jointly agreed invoicing method that eliminates the need for paper. You will first need to agree on e-invoices separately with each invoicer. You will then receive a notice from the Internet banking service whenever a new invoice arrives. You can view the invoice online and freely adjust the amount or due date if necessary. The payment will only be debited from your account once you have approved it.

How to start using e-invoices
The easiest way to start using e-invoices is to make an e-invoice agreement in the Internet banking service, either via My settings or the Payments/Order accepted view. If the invoicing company offers the option to use e-invoices, the following text will be displayed on the payment confirmation page: "You can make a direct debit authorisation and an e-invoice agreement with this invoicer)." The link will take you to a page where you can set up the e-invoice agreement.

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