Investor Relations

This site provides investor information on POP Bank Group and its issuing entities as well as documentation on debt programmes, debt issues and ratings.

Bonum Bank Plc is part of the amalgamation of POP Banks. As a central credit institution it provides clearing, settlement and treasury services for POP Banks. Bonum Bank Plc also grants unsecured consumer credits and secured debt securities to retail customers. Finland is the home member state for Bonum Bank Plc's periodic disclosure obligation. Beside public issuances, Bonum Bank Plc may consider also issuing private placements, if suitable to the group's funding plans. At the moment Bonum Bank Plc is interested to issue with private placement smaller senior issuances with medium or long term maturity.

POP Mortgage Bank Plc is responsible for the Group’s mortgage-backed
funding, which it acquires by issuing covered bonds. 

Debt Investor Programs

Bonum Bank Plc has a 250 Million Euro domestic CD-program and within this program Bonum Bank Plc can issue transferable Certificate of Deposits with a maturity of less than 12 months.

See POP Mortgage Bank's Base Prospectus April 2024.

Final Terms of outstanding bonds:

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