Bonum Bank briefly

Bonum Bank provides clearing, settlement and treasury services for POP Banks. Bonum Bank is an internal bank in the POP Bank group. As a central credit institution it provides banking services for other POP Banks hence reducing need for outside service providers. The objective is to provide necessary central bank services for POP Banks and later extend the services when needed.

Bonum Bank is supervised by the Financial Supervisory Authority, Snellmaninkatu 6, PO Box 103, FI-00101 Helsinki, (Tel) +358 9 183 51,

The bank is a member of the Federation of Finance Finland, address Itämerenkatu 11-13, FI-00180 Helsinki,


POP Bank Centre based in Espoo is the central organization of the POP Bank group being the group's advocacy and support unit. The group consists of independent POP Banks operating in different parts of Finland.

POP Bank Group was established in 1997 to pursue truly independent local cooperative banking and activities in favor of its members and their clients. POP Bank services cover individual customers, small and medium-sized enterprises as well as farmers and forest owners providing them payment solutions, cards, savings and investment products as well as financial services.



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POP Bank's card customer service

Tel. +358 (0)10 248 4800
Mon-Fri 9 am to 6 pm
0,0835€/call + 0,1669€/min 

Card Block service (24H)

Tel. +358 (0)20 333




Tel. +358 (0)10 667 3000

Back office

Tel. +358 (0)10 667 3030

backoffice.bonumpankki (at)


Tel. +358 (0)10 667 3010

treasury.bonumpankki (at)


Bonum Bank Plc

Hevosenkenkä 3

FI-02600 Espoo

Tel. +358 (0)10 4233 710

Business identity code 2192977-5