Corporate Governance and Management of POP Mortgage Bank Plc

POP Mortgage Bank Plc's (later "Bank") functions are controlled by its shareholder, which exercises its decision-making power at the General Meeting in accordance with the Finnish Limited Liability Companies Act and the Articles of Association. The Annual General Meeting decides on the distribution of the Bank’s profit and elects the members of the Board of Directors. 

The Bank is represented by and directed by the Board of Directors. Operational decisions concerning the Bank’s business operations and strategic issues are made by the Bank’s Board of Directors. The work of the Board of Directors is based on the Bank’s Articles of Association, decisions of the General Meeting and applicable legislation. The Bank’s CEO manages the Bank’s operational activities in accordance with the instructions provided by the Board of Directors.  


POP Mortgage Bank Plc's Board of Directors

  • Juha Niemelä, the Chairman

  • Matti Vainionpää, the Vice Chairman

  • Marja Pajulahti, Member of the Board

  • POP Mortgage Bank Plc - The Management

    Timo Hulkko, CEO

  • Tony Tötterström, Deputy CEO