Bonum Bank Plc: Samlink’s sale to Cognizant complete

Bonum Bank Plc Stock Exchange Release 1st January 2019 at 12:15 CET

The sale of Finnish IT service provider Samlink Ltd. has been closed and former shareholders have sold their shares to American Cognizant. Transaction has been approved by the regulators.

Cognizant will officially become the owner of Samlink. As a result of the sale, all shares are officially transferred to Cognizant. 

The sale was originally announced on 23rd January 2019.

The transaction has no impact on POP Bank Group’s financial result in 2019.

Additional information:

CEO Pekka Lemettinen, POP Bank Alliance Coop Phone: +358 40 503 5411, email:

CEO Pia Ali-Tolppa, Bonum Bank Plc Phone: +358 50 303 1476, email:



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