Bonum Bank Plc: Bonum Bank Plc Financial Statements Release 1 January - 31 December 2021

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16 February, 2022 at 9.00 EET

Bonum Bank Plc: Bonum Bank Plc Financial Statements Release 1 January - 31 December 2021

The profit for Bonum Bank Plc, belonging to POP Bank Group, for the financial year increased to EUR 1,046 thousand (EUR 712 thousand) and balance sheet grew to EUR 1,037,914 thousand (EUR 1,006,480 thousand). 

During 2021, Bonum Bank Plc effectively operated as the central credit institution for the banks of the POP Bank Group’s amalgamation, arranging funding from the capital markets for the member banks. Bonum Bank Plc has a EUR 750 million bond programme, within which two issues were conducted in 2021. Bonum Bank Plc also participated to TLTRO III operations with the amount of EUR 78.4 million during the first half of the year. At the end of the financial period, Bonum Bank plc had a total of EUR 128.4 million of TLTRO III funding.

In addition to providing central credit institution services Bonum Bank Plc is responsible for issuing payment cards and card credit facilities to the POP Banks’ customers, as well as for maintaining these services. Card processes, card products and card payment services are being continuously developed and enhanced in cooperation with internal and external stakeholders. During 2021, new card-related functionalities were again added to the POP Bank mobile banking application, including Apple Pay.

Bonum Bank Plc is actively seeking new business opportunities to supplement the Group’s product offering. Lending to partners’ customers grew rapidly towards the end of the year. In January 2022 Bonum Bank Plc agreed with Evli Bank Plc on a trade based on which Bonum Bank Plc will be acquiring 25 million euros worth of customer loans from Evli’s loan portfolio.

Improving the efficiency and systems of anti-money laundering were key development focuses during the year 2021 including acquisition and   implementation of a completely new AML monitoring system. In the future, the anti-money laundering measures of the Group’s banks will be implemented centrally by Bonum Bank Plc, using the new system. Bonum Bank Plc’s Service Centre, which was founded in the previous year, has established its position as a provider of centralized services within the POP Bank Group.

Key figures (EUR 1,000)

31 Dec 2021

31 Dec 2020

Net interest income



Net commission income






Balance sheet total



Common equity Tier 1 capital ratio, (CET 1) %



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Bonum Bank Plc

Bonum Bank Plc Financial Statements Release 1 January - 31 December 2021


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Bonum Bank Plc is part of the amalgamation of POP Banks and is responsible for providing POP central credit institution services, obtaining external funding for the POP Bank Group, handling payments and issuing payment cards to the customers of the POP Banks. In addition, Bonum Bank Plc grants unsecured consumer credits and secured debt securities to retail customers and provides centralized services for the POP Banks.

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